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The Days of Having a Plethora of Switches on Your Wall are Over...

As technology has increased over the years, so has how we control the lighting in our homes. Say goodbye to the unsightly clutter of switches on your wall and hello to complete control of the lighting in your home from one central location. Increase conveniency and improve the overall aesthetic of your home today with our lighting system!

One Touch Lighting

Homeowner’s everywhere face high-energy costs due to the overwhelming amount of lights that are left on each month. Thankfully, with our One Touch Lighting System you will have more control over the lighting in your home now more than ever! No matter where you are at in your home, be able to control any light you like from the convenience of one central location or right from your smart home!

Heightened Security

Home safety is a top priority for many homeowners, so why wouldn’t you take more precaution and increase security by simply controlling your security flood lights from your smart phone? When nighttime hits, you press one button and instantaneously activate all security lights to ward off any unwanted visitors. Home safety has never been easier!

Lighting Automation

Whether you’re looking to light your way to the bathroom at night, turn off the lights when ou leave the house for the day, or simply adjust the lighting as dusk approaches, lighting automation is the solution for you. It’s as easy as setting up pre-determined times suited to your lifestyle and letting the lights do the rest! Having total control over the lighting in your home has never been easier!

Improved Aesthetic

In today’s world, homeowners are more driven than ever to make their homes as modern as possible. This includes modernizing the lighting in your home as well. Thus, the days of having six switches cluttering your wall and ruining the aesthetic of your home are over. With our One Touch Lighting solution, you can now control every light in your home from just one central location!

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