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A Strong Network is Crucial in Today's Age... How Does Yours Hold Up?

Modern day homes have many network devices often integrated into one control system allowing for total authority over items such as: TV’s, appliances, computers, smart phones, receivers, security systems, HVAC systems, music servers, data servers and more! Such a network requires a robust wireless and wired setup that is properly configured with the right components. By leveraging a strong network, users are able to process band-width intensive, low-latency multimedia successfully and simultaneously without jeopardizing efficiency.


These days, a multitude of devices on one network can become troublesome for users. With our networking design you can easily configure, monitor and power cycle your devices from anywhere. Receive real time alerts and easily push firmware updates at your convenience!

Wireless Access Points Setup

Enabling a high speed, worry-free wireless access point (WAP) in your network can make all the difference when connecting to the internet. Combined with robust hardware and enterprise-grade chipsets, our WAPs are designed to deliver world-class performance and faster speeds to more devices at an extended range.

Router Setup & Configuration

Acting similar to the brain, a high-quality router redirects and assigns data to their proper destinations. You could say your network is only as strong as your router is. Thankfully our routers’ possess all the necessary components to enable you to get the most out of your network!

High Performance Switch Setup

A network can not reach its peak power without the help of a High Performance Switch. By leveraging top of the line switches, we are able to guarantee peak potential from all of your connected devices at once. You could say our switches are the perfect complement to any A/V system, or in layman’s terms, the perfect way to power your existing network.

Intelligent Power Management

Intelligent Power Distribution Units are designed to function as a complete power control solution for A/V Networks. Individually control outlets, schedule network operation, set up autonomous device self-heal and ensure safe power up to all devices with just one power strip. There’s no question about it, help your network reach it’s full potential with Intelligent Power Management today!

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