Whole House Audio

Why Limit Your Audio Experience to One Room When You Can Have Whole House Audio?

No home is complete without a proper environment-elevating music system. With whole house audio you can take advantage of zone audio technology, allowing you to listen to several completely different audio channels within different sectors of your home! Take your listening experience to the next level today, with us!

Wireless Systems

Most often, less wires means a more appealing look to your home. With our wireless system, you can take advantage of your your WiFi network to distribute music to connected speakers or amplifiers anywhere in your home. Utilizing your smart phone library playlist, music app, or networked computer; you can control volume and source selection from anywhere in your home you have WiFi access!

Wired Systems

Although some would consider a wired system to be “Old School”, we believe it still has its advantages. If you’re someone who like all of your hardware hidden in one space, speakers mounted within the walls or simply find a wired system easier to operate; then a wired system may be for you.

Hybrid Systems

It’s not uncommon for a homeowner to desire a hybrid system. There is no law saying you cannot have the best of both worlds and we are experienced in both systems to make it happen!

Speaker Installation

Whether you plan on building out an entire surround sound speaker system or simply need a speaker added to an existing system, it can be very difficult without professional help. That’s where we step in. With over 14 years of experience installing speakers, we know exactly what speakers you need, where they should be placed and how/if they should be wired. Don’t hesitate, call us today for any of your speaker installation needs!

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